Nearly 1 billion people around the world are without electricity and live in darkness. They spend up to 30% of their income on dangerous fuel sources just to have light, and it keeps them in a cycle of poverty. It leaves them powerless.  BUT SOLAR LIGHT BREAKS THAT CYCLE.  Access to solar lighting eliminates the need for a costly fuel source and offers immediate savings.  Solar lighting also means people can continue daily activities after dark, which directly impacts household income, safety, and overall health.  Solar light starts people on the pathway to prosperity-giving light to educate & empower.
The Rotary Club of Goodyear PebbleCreek raises funds through club funds, district grants and a global grant to distribute solar lights to families who are underserved, extremely poor, and marginalized.  The light will change their lives and raise them out of their poverty. 
Rotarians from the Nairobi-Thika Road Club are trained with Rotarians from the Isiolo Club led by a team from Watts of Love, including our President Colleen Malany. The training models the distribution process and the financial literacy curriculum/program along with the personal empowerment piece.
The light is just the beginning. When a family saves the money, they used to spend on kerosene or batteries, they can purchase chickens and goats, invest in livestock, or provide education for their children. One light can mean up to 10 years of cost savings for a family in poverty. The mission is to EQUIP (Each household gets a solar light to eliminate costly light alternatives so people can reinvest their savings); TRAIN (Using a unique financial literacy program, we will train people how to save, invest, & build for a future); EMPOWER (help people identify their dreams, set goals and take ownership of where to direct their savings).